basic options  winter 2018

Autumn, Winter is always a rewarding season to put together. The colors are deeper, the fabric and texture, functionality more varied. 
On the creative end you are always plagued with the same question,...What now?  
At Basic Options, our goal is to build a new model to make the existing model obsolete.  We do not rely with just putting our brand name on the same old product. Each season we review our color story, silhouette and function with each product we offer. We build upon past successes and strive for originality in offering new ideas in Men’s and Women’s fashion.
On the next tab, you will see new ideas in our corduroy like our hooded zip front, or our plaid vests. In outerwear we have new timed right items like our Army jacket and faux leather..
Please take the time to appreciate the heart and soul that we have all put into this line. Thank you and peace.

the road taken